Our network of talent is our greatest asset. 'Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you'.

Russell Simmons



We'll help refine your message into something relevant and beautiful.



We'll help you connect with those who already want what you are offering. 



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WTS Advertising: Attract, Convert, Grow...

Don't allow your brand to get lost among the thousands of daily advertising messages bombarding consumers. WTS Advertising's marketing strategies will help place your company's messaging in the spotlight among your target market. Our primary goal is to help you grow your business. However, before we do that we:


1). Listen to what the marketplace is wanting. Where are they hanging out? What do they believe? Who do they trust? We then help you create or shape your content to attract your ideal customer. 

2). Next, we help you engage your ideal customer by providing them with the information, service, or product they want; helping convert them into customers. 

3). Most importantly, we help grow your business by turning customers into advocates through refining your approach (messaging, offers, and call-to-action). 


About Us


We are a full-service ad agency with decades of experience helping shape brand messaging for companies and non-profits. We've built strong alliances with media companies to help plan and place your advertising efficiently. We surround ourselves with talented experts in the area where you need the most focus. Whether it's TV or radio creative, or building your  online platform, we offer excellent brand work with a commitment to our clients' excellence.


Here's a recent comment from one of our clients:

'I've been happy with the results from WTS Advertising. Their social media efforts and website updates result in consistent leads for our business.'

 - Sonyia Byrd, Attorney at Law



About the agency

What We Offer: A Smart Approach to Grow Your Business


Our focus is on media planning and buying. We also have a portfolio of successful interactive media campaigns. Whatever your chosen media, we bring flexibility and vigor to your tailor-made advertising plan. Our primary focus is on growing your business by helping converting leads into loyal customers. 


We can help you establish an efficient SEO program that uses the latest and most effective search methods. Wanting to start a new blog? We can help you get the proper exposure and build your tribe of followers. Or, we can create and maintain your Social Media pages.


WTS Advertising's primary objective is helping clients achieve measurable growth. 

  • Attract new clients through keywords, content, and social media
  • Convert by using interesting content and call-to-action tools
  • Grow your business by turning new customers into advocates


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