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A successful advertising campaign hinges upon the creativity and commitment of those responsible. We surround ourselves with local marketing talent and producers working together to bring you creative that will stand out and get your business noticed outside the clutter. Our focus is on your ROI and accomplishing your creative marketing goals. What gets measured can be improved.

WTS Advertising's Dedicated Team

John Wodka

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Copywriting, Social Media



John has worked with agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, and Miami and has worked on advertising campaigns with: Capital One, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Freeman Toyota, Hershey's, Lennar Homes, PepsiCo, UT Southwestern, Visit Florida, Wal-Mart, and Wells Fargo. He believes that companies with excellent character who deliver good and consistent content will win over those that just yell loudly.


Specialties: Brand creation and development, OOH sales and marketing, Non-profit fundraising, SEO, digital campaign integration, website design



Current projects


Abiding Fathers

LifeSavers Foundation

Dry Quick Restoration

Jody Mow Wellness

M2M (Ministry to Ministries)

Platform Creator


Kevin Bullard

Social Media Director



Kevin has built online companies through effective inbound marketing campaigns. He researches client personas and speaks to them with messages that attract, convert, and delight new customers, helping grow their business.



Current projects


Abiding Fathers

Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute

LifeSavers Foundation

Jody Mow Wellness

M2M (Ministry to Ministries)

Sonyia Byrd, Attorney at Law


Ken Butler




Ken Butler has over 30 years of IT experience from mainframe Burroughs and IBM "big iron" machines to LAN, servers and personal computers. Mr. Butler has worked for numerous businesses both large and small and in various fields including manufacturing, trucking, communications and banking. Throughout Mr. Butler's career he has always worked hard to stay ahead of the technology curve whether as part of his job or just as a personal objective.






Nautilus Hyosung


Sandy Wodka

Media Planning and Buying


Sandy takes a smart approach to media planning and buying. She believes it's not always the least expensive option that is the best. Efficiency is important, but twenty-percent reach of a very targeted audience in high frequency is much better than reaching eight-percent of an untargeted audience one time. 


Current projects


Ram Jack


Jeff Wodka

Director of Sales




Brand creation and development, sponsorship sales, play-by-play sales, digital media integration, SEO, radio and talent management.



John Wodka +1 972-672-8805

Sandy+1 214 762-7331






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